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To innovate does not necessarily mean to expand; very often it means to simplify.

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The greatest strength of Latter-day Apps is our member-built community — a network of Latter-day Saints ready to provide support and insight.

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Our Turtle House

Our Turtle House is a brand new subscription service and mobile app that gives Latter-day Saints 24/7 access to exclusive talks, videos, and lessons from John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Hank Smith.

This subscription includes:

  • Brand new, never before heard, full-length talks.
  • podcasts by John Bytheway and Hank Smith.
  • FHE lesson plans that follow the new Come Follow Me.
  • And . . . new content is added nearly every day!

"We become converted and spiritually self-reliant as we prayerfully live our covenants—through worthily partaking of the sacrament, being worthy of a temple recommend, and sacrificing to serve others."   – Elder Robert D. Hales

"The decision to serve a mission will shape the spiritual destiny of the missionary, his or her spouse, and their posterity for generations to come."   – President Russell M. Nelson

"To innovate does not necessarily mean to expand; very often it means to simplify."   – Elder M. Russell Ballard


Like everything else, we started very small but plan to grow exponentially.

Android app is LIVE!
07/11/2019 09:00 am

Windows app is LIVE!
07/17/2019 09:00 am

Apple app goes LIVE!
07/19/2019 07:41 am

Website Launched!
09/02/2019 05:00 pm

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